So who are Archery Instructors?

Archery Instructors are an offshoot from Feathers and Fletchings Archery Tuition. At Feathers and Fletchings we have been providing some of the best Archery coaching and instruction since 1998. In recent years however we have been heavily involved with our NGB, Archery GB (or GNAS as most people know it) to write, develop and pilot the NEW Archery GB Instructors Award.

Rather than get the coaching and Instructor Award sides of the business too muddled we decided to set up this site to tell you all about what we do.

So if you want high quality Archery coaching then Feathers and Fletchings is the best place to find it. If you are looking for information about the New 2.5 day Archery GB Instructors Award then you have come to the right place.

So what do we actually do?

Here at Archery Instructors, we recognise the important role that properly trained and well motivated archery instructors play in the successful running of your organisation. In addition to the Archery GB/ GNAS Instructors Award we offer a range of staff training and development courses to help you ensure that your staff are kept up to date with the skills required to deliver the archery service your customers deserve and expect.

We can also provide a Technical Advisor Service as well as a number of bespoke staff development opportunities.

At Archery Instructors we pride ourselves on being able to provide a comprehensive, flexible service which can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

If you are interested in arranging a course for your organisation or are an individual seeking an opportubity to join a course call Andy NOW on 01603 280175 or 07789 455150.

Alternatively find out more about organising or joining a course.